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**HERD NEWS: Kidding season has almost come to an end for 2016. We are so excited about this years kid crop and our young new milkers. We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who added a Pella kid to their herd. It means the world to us that you have put faith in our breeding program. We have started accepting 2017 kid reservations. Email:

NOTE: It was brought to our attention that our herd logo was unlawfully being copied and used. My mother is a graphic artist by degree and created the nubian heads that you see on this page many years ago. The head is based on a doe we used to own and is my moms original artwork. It NOT ok in any way to copy our logo in any form as it is the property of Pella's Triple C. Ripping art work off of a Google search or clip art and calling it yours is not ok. Please note the copyright mark at the bottom of this page. Thank you for respecting this.




    Hello and welcome to our website! We have been raising purebred Nubians and Lamanchas (in 2008) since 1999. We are located in Palo Cedro CA. It is a small town located right outside of Redding, CA. Like the stories of many, our adventure with goats began as a 4-H project.

    We breed for a dairy goat that is strong in general appearance being long and level over the topline, and strong on their feet and legs. We want to see strong mammary systems as well as consistent mammary systems that are high and wide in the rear and well attached with strong smooth fore udders. We also want to see that beautiful Nubian breed character about the head.  We cull heavily believing in quality, not quantity. It is important to us that only do our does excel in all areas, (showring, appraisal, and milk production) but their offspring do as well. We like does who can consistently produce offspring as good as themselves or better. In saying this, we do believe strongly in being very selective in which bucklings are offered for sale. Only bucks from does that we feel have proven themselves in all areas will be offered for sale.

    Herd health is very important to us! We feed only the highest quality alfalfa we can find as well as oat hay and grass hay. Milking does are given a 16% dairy ration. Kids are raised on a CAE prevention program, being started with heat-treated colostrum and then raised on pasteurized milk that is fed free-choice. Kids are raised away from the adult goats and are not weaned till about four months of age. All animals are given BoSe and CD-T shots twice a year and wormed twice a year, in the Fall and Spring. Free choice minerals and baking soda are available at all times. Our animals are tested every year for CAE. We practice CAE prevention and maintain a negative herd.

**2015 Herd Update: The last couple years have been quiet ones for us in the show world. Most of our show string was young and we made the choice to stay home from most shows and let them mature and grow. We decided to stay home before Nationals so as not to possibly expose the herd to anything. We are proud of how our herd did with the highlight being our SGCH Pella's Triple C Silver Annie EX91 being the 2nd with 2nd udder 5/6 year old in a very competitive class. Other highlights were having the 9th place 2 year old with CH Pella's Triple C Hide N Seek, the 3rd place Jr yearling with Pella's Triple C Solataire, and the 5th place Jr kid with Pella's Triple C Catch Phrase. We made it to 2 club shows and finished championships on CH Kastdemur's Masquerade and CH Pella's Triple C Hide N Seek. They also each went Best Sr. Doe in Show! We earned dry legs on Pella's Triple C Me Oh My, Solataire, Storybrooke, and PrtyRocAnthem. Several other Jr does earned reserve Jr champions. SGCH PTC Silver Annie once again topped our 2015 Appraisal session with a final score of EX91 EEEE. GCH Pella's Triple C PeachMystique once again appraised EX90 VEEE as a 7 year old 7th freshener and CH Kastdemur's Masquerade apprasied EX90 EEEE. We are very much looking forward to the 2016 show season! We also hope to be back on milk test for 2016.


    Sale Policy: We like to keep a small herd so a lot of doelings will be for sale as well as some first fresheners. If you are interested in a milker, please let us know and we will put you on a waitlist. We require a $100 deposit per kid to reserve a kid/s. The rest of the payment is due within 2 weeks after the kids arrival. We take reservations on a first come, first-served basis. We do not take any reservations based on color preference on any animal. A refusal to take a kid based on their color will be considered a cancelled reservation. We will not hold reservations nor do we take verbal reservations. We would like you to pick a first choice kid as well as a second choice with the possibility of your first choice not being born or not meeting our high standards. We will refund any orders that we cannot fill.  However we will not refund any deposits on orders that are cancelled. We like to ship kids between 4-6 weeks of age. Any kid that is still here after 6 weeks of age will be charged a $3 per day per kid boarding fee. We have limited kid pen space and would appreciate kids being picked up/shipped in a timely manner.  We reserve the right to retain any kid for herd replacement. On any buck kid that is sold, we reserve the right to purchase 20 straws of semen at the cost of collection. Buyers are responsible for health papers, crate, and shipping fees from Redding Municipal Airport. We prefer that you come pick up the kid in person so you can see the relatives, but we realize that is not always possible.

We would like to thank everyone that has added a Pella's Triple C bred buck or doe to your herd and for the faith you have put in our breeding program! It means a lot to us.


We hope you enjoy browsing the pages! If you have any questions about any of our animals please feel to e-mail us. We love to talk goats!

Best Regards

Claire, Corrie, Cameron (& Tom & Diane) Pella





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